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Weather Unpredictable? Count On SERVPRO

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Weather Unpredictable? Count On SERVPRO In addition to checking the newly laid floor in your home, SERVPRO also takes readings of the subfloor.

When the Unexpected happens, SERVPRO Will Be There to Assist

The last weeks of spring remind homeowners that heavy rains can and do wreak havoc on houses and buildings. Weather patterns seem fiercer and less predictable, leaving homes open to damage from downpours that leave many inches with nowhere to go but inside. Trust SERVPRO to respond to emergency flooding fast.

Pride in your newly installed hardwood floors turned to despair when flood damage appears to have ruined them in your DeKalb home. Your attempts to remove the water with a shop vacuum and mop made little difference as pools of moisture continue to form. A call to our office delivers a team of flood damage professionals to your home and starts the journey to restoration.

Hardwood floors can rebound from a bit of wetness, the finished surface protecting the fibers if wiped up quickly. When water covers the entire room and stands, there is much more risk of permanent damage. SERVPRO technicians train extensively in the restoration of all kinds of floors, including hardwood, new installations and decades-old. The key to successful restoration is speedy action, before the wood swells and disfigures or mold begins growing.

Our team uses industrial strength water extractors, pulling moisture from the joints between planks as well as from the connections between floor and baseboards. We constantly take moisture readings, working from the baseline just after we arrived. The typical moisture content of an undamaged hardwood floor is less than 12 percent, and we work towards that figure.

In addition to checking the newly laid floor in your home, SERVPRO also takes readings of the subfloor. A wet sub floor continuously saturates the surface wood, and that subfloor must be dried as well. A variety of techniques results in that outcome, including the use of drying mats, lifting sections of the hardwood to direct airflow beneath, and drilling of holes in strategic places to allow for evaporation. We also consider aiming airflow beneath the level of the house affected, in a crawlspace or basement to dry the understructure.

Drying the hardwood to the goal set by our technicians may take weeks. Sanding down any warping and restaining or sealing is unwise to do before the moisture meters show the desired number of less than 12 percent. SERVPRO experts explain the process in detail to avoid confusion, and work with your insurance company throughout, from initial drying to the finishing touches.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven understands how to restore even the most expensive hardwood flooring after flooding. Call (770) 396-3883 to schedule an inspection and start the process.

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How Understanding The Theory Of Fire Helps SERVPRO Handle Fire Damage In DeKalb

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Understanding The Theory Of Fire Helps SERVPRO Handle Fire Damage In DeKalb Burnt Toast Can Lead to a House Fire in DeKalb

The Experts of SERVPRO Restore Fire & Smoke Damaged Properties Effectively and Efficiently

A home fire is a frightening thought, but unfortunately, house fires do occur. After your home is safe again, it is time to call on the professionals to help you deal with the aftermath of the blaze. The fire can cause damage to your property and your belongings, which can range from mild to severe. When you are facing a cleanup operation, it feels overwhelming. That is why we recommend you get in touch with SERVPRO at once; our remit is to tackle the cleanup and leave your home “Like it never even happened.”
One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing excellent and comprehensive training to all our technicians. We believe that teaching our people how to use a thermal fogger or how to scrub a surface is not enough. We also emphasize teaching our technicians to understand the theory of fire and its effects; this makes them better equipped to deal with fire damage in your DeKalb home.
Understanding the theory of fire begins with understanding combustion. Combustion is what happens when a material is burning. The material that is burning breaks down and combines with oxygen. Knowing about combustion helps our technicians to understand the way fire affects different materials and the differences between mild, moderate and severe fire damage.
Knowing about the materials which burned and the severity of the fire helps us to assess damage near the blaze site and in the surrounding area. Materials such as wood and plastic respond differently to heat, and understanding that helps our IICRC-certified technicians decide which cleaning processes to use.
Our staff also understand the formation of soot. Burning materials release particles, fire gasses, and aerosols into the air and this is what we call smoke. When smoke particles settle on surfaces, they are commonly referred to as soot.
SERVPRO teaches our staff that the most efficient way to clean residues is by recreating the circumstances of their formation. That is why fogging is an effective way to clean soot. Fogging recreates the heat and pressure of the blaze and uses that heat and pressure to push cleaning agents into damaged materials. Because fogging mimics the circumstances of a fire, the smoke-stained items absorb the cleaning products in the same way that they absorbed the soot, which makes cleaning easier and more efficient.
We have the know-how to handle the aftermath of a blaze. If you need assistance call, SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven at (770) 396-3883 for help.

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Dealing with Commercial Mold Damage in Chamblee

6/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Dealing with Commercial Mold Damage in Chamblee Mold can be removed from books if you call SERVPRO early enough. We have many techniques that we can try. Call as soon as the mold is discovered.

Mold Damage Needs to be Dealt with Correctly by the Certified Technicians at a Mold Remediation Company Like SERVPRO

For a business, cleanup from mold growth means not just a few days or weeks in a hotel. There is also the loss of income which, if it goes on for too long, means the owner may have to close permanently.

For a book or stationery store in Chamblee, stopping commercial mold damage means we cannot use certain techniques to reopen the doors for business. SERVPRO has decades of experience in Georgia businesses and has developed the right plan to start serving customers again.

In most cases, our technicians can use water or cleaning agents to remove mold from inventory and structural property. In a business whose product is paper, this is not possible. For the majority of the restoration procedures in this situation, we rely on dry wiping, vacuuming and lowering the air moisture levels inside the business. We cannot save every item, but these procedures give us the best opportunity to help the owner reopen.

To remove dry or slightly damp spores, team members use cloths and sponges to wipe down the surfaces. Dry wiping is very effective to remove mold that has not penetrated the surface of a book or greeting card. Technicians examine items before wiping and make certain they do not smear damp mold over surfaces.

If the mold went unnoticed for an extended period and had grown thick, we use commercial vacuums with HEPA filters to remove the bulk of the growth. These filters are designed to remove mold and capture even a single spore from a contaminated surface. Vacuuming is particularly effective at cleaning shelves, walls and ceilings without damaging inventory.

As crew members clean property and inventory, others prepare to lower the inside humidity. We set up dehumidifiers in each affected room to draw moisture out of the air. Doing so causes the mold to shrink and go dormant which stops the growing process completely.

To speed up the drying process, we install air movers. These devices heat air and force it across property and inventory, carefully drying it without causing secondary damage. Technicians also place commercial exhaust fans at the entrances and exits to draw out the damp, inside air and blow it outside.

Restoring a business after any disaster can be a nerve-wracking, costly experience. At SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven, we understand this and take every step needed to help you reopen your doors and start serving our fellow residents once again. Call us today at (770) 396-3833 to get started.

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Dunwoody Reconstruction, from the Ground Up After Water Intrusion

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Dunwoody Reconstruction, from the Ground Up After Water Intrusion SERVPRO Does Reconstruction to Water, Fire, and Mold Flood Damaged Homes in Dunwoody

SERVPRO Restores, Repairs and Rebuilds Fire and Water Damaged Structures in the Dunwoody Area

In the case of a severe disaster, it is not enough to wipe smoke residue off walls or remove the water from a basement. In many cases, a home (house, apartment, duplex) needs much more than pulling up the carpet and changing out a few panels of sheetrock.

Very few restoration companies also have the training and experience to reconstruct your Dunwoody home after a disaster. SERVPRO has helped rebuild houses, duplexes, and apartments in Georgia for over twenty years. Our office is fully licensed with the state to lay down a new foundation or a roof. Our technicians can install new wiring and HVAC systems in one week and then frame and hang sheetrock on new walls and ceilings after that.

We start with an inspection of the home. If we find that load-bearing walls or other structural supports are more damaged than previously thought, we install additional, temporary supports so reconstruction can continue.

Next, our technicians secure the home from further harm. The first step is boarding up the windows and other entrances. Next, we cover the roof with plastic sheeting or use plywood panels if the damage is extensive. These actions reduce not only the chance of secondary weather damage but also trespassing and vandalism.

Now comes the demolition. We remove every piece of damaged framing and drywall and pull out everything that we cannot salvage. If there are parts of the home we can keep (wood flooring and ceiling trim for example), we place that in secure storage or in situ. Once we remove everything, our inspector examines the foundation again for cracks and other problems

Technicians now replace the temporary shorings with permanent structures. Next, we install new framing. Before hanging new drywall, we run new wiring and connect everything to local power. We do advise using a third-party electrician to check our work after completion. Once we have approval, we hang the drywall.

With that accomplished, technicians install a new HVAC if needed. Once completed, we repair or replace the roof. By this time, the structure finally looks like a home again. With the major reconstruction accomplished, it only takes another week or two for us to repaint and lay new carpeting and floors. After that, the final steps are to move the furniture back in and return the keys.

Restoring your home is much more than getting rid of the water or eliminating smoke odors and residues. SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven is here to help you return your home to its original state. We are with you from the foundation right up to placing a cap on the chimney. Call us today at (770) 396-3883.

Suffering from Mold Damage in Your Chamblee Area Home? Get the Help You Deserve Today

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Suffering from Mold Damage in Your Chamblee Area Home? Get the Help You Deserve Today Some mold is visible and some can lay hidden in your home. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate the infestation.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Find Hidden Mold in Your Home

Unless your property suffers exposure over extended periods of time, mold can be hard to spot. Small infected areas leave little evidence behind, making even the dank, musty odor emanations hard to locate.  
Mold damage occurring in your Chamblee area home can happen quickly. However, it is not always obvious. Having water exposure in your home on Tuesday does not mean that your entire structure is exposed and clearly marked by large blotty mold colonies with highly visible signs by Thursday.   
Most of the pictures depicting mold damage that you find on the internet show extended exposure. Something that you can avoid by contacting a quality mold remediation company, like SERVPRO, when you suspect mold problems are beginning to develop in your home.  
Even if you are not 100% certain, SERVPRO technicians can perform an inspection of common areas found in your home where mold growth can occur, giving you peace of mind that you have done everything possible to protect your indoor living environment.  
You can also gain some helpful knowledge from SERVPRO to prevent future contamination. We can help you get excessive humidity under control, preventing mold growth and protecting you further. If you want to obtain the best protection possible, you should ask about a variety of services that can help to avoid mold issues from ever becoming a problem.  
While no one can guarantee to remove mold forever, some of these services make it possible to have the highest quality living environment for you and your family. Crawlspace or Basement encapsulation services, for instance, involve professional technicians adding vapor barriers to your crawlspaces that prevent ground moisture or inclement weather from affecting your indoor air quality.  
Having professionals clean your ventilation system properly, or installing encapsulation often helps improve the efficiency of machinery, reduces costs, and enhances the quality of your entire living environment.  
If you already have a mold issue in your home, we can contain the affected area, remove damaged materials, perform cleaning and disinfection services, along with any repairs necessary to return your home to normal and get things under control.  
Give SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven an opportunity to address your concerns, giving you the help you deserve, and getting mold contamination under control on your property, today. (770) 396-3883

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SERVPRO - North Atlanta Fire Damage

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage  SERVPRO - North Atlanta Fire Damage Don't let fire damage take over your residential property. Trust SERVPRO to get it back to preloss condition!

Need Fire Damage Services for Your North Atlanta Home? SERVPRO Can Help.

Most restoration costs do not come from demolition and replacement of property destroyed by heat and flames. It is the smoke and soot residues that cause hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damages.

Restoring a North Atlanta home with fire damage requires a professional company that specializes in cleaning up the effects and returning your home and property to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO has developed a set of principles and key cleaning elements to help restore almost any home.

Principles of Cleaning:

Locate smoke residues with a thorough inspection. Our inspectors find the source of the fire to determine exactly how far smoke has moved throughout a home.

Identify the type of residues. Identification provides the needed information to select a cleaning method which removes the residue.

Identify the type of surface. To remove the residue without harming the surface of the affected item, restoration team members need to know the composition of the surface. Certain chemical cleaners are not compatible with porous surfaces such as upholstery or plastic.

Capture and remove residues. Smoke residues quickly bond with surfaces. Response team members use the most efficient dry or wet cleaning elements to loosen residues and make them easier to remove.

Dispose of residues. We safely dispose of all residues according to state and federal regulations.

Elements of Cleaning:

Temperature. Depending on the surface of an affected item, technicians may raise the temperature of a cleaning solution to speed up the process.

Agitation. If the residue is set deep in a surface such as rock or marble, technicians use air or water pressure to loosen residue from the surface. For other surfaces, they use brushes to dislodge the residue. Both methods allow cleaning agents to penetrate deeper into the residue and clean the surface underneath.

Chemical action. Restoration personnel selects chemical cleaners depending on which action they want. Our extensive inventory removes smoke residue by dissolving it, changing its pH number, oxidizing it or even digesting it.

Time. This element refers to the amount of time need for each type of chemical agent to be effective as well as the labor time required to complete each restoration task.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

By combining these principles and elements, SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven works to put your home back to its preloss state as quickly and safely as we can. If you need our help, call us today at (770) 396-3883.

SERVPRO Helps Dry Kitchen Walls After Flood Damage To Your Chamblee Home

4/19/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO Helps Dry Kitchen Walls After Flood Damage To Your Chamblee Home Chamblee Flooding Calls Upon SERVPRO for Cleanup and Water Removal

After Flooding, Swift Water Removal and Drying Are Critical

Flood damage happens much more easily than many homeowners realize. A burst water main, a flooded river or, or even a leaking appliance all lead to flood damage. If this happens in your kitchen, there are many concerns about the drying process, and certainly one of them is drying the walls.

It is important that flood damage in the kitchen of your Chamblee home is remedied quickly. If it is not there is a risk of further structural damage and mold setting in. It is also important to restore your home quickly so that your life can return to normal. SERVPRO emphasizes speed and effectiveness. That is why We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.
Walls need special attention and drying protocols. The walls themselves and the cavities inside them may become saturated with water and require thorough drying. There is also the question of wall coverings. Wallpaper usually needs to be thrown away, but thankfully the walls themselves can be dried out.
Our IICRC-certified technicians begin by thoroughly assessing the situation. We use specialist equipment to test for moisture levels, such as Teflon coated moisture probes which can be inserted deep into wall cavities for an accurate assessment.
The key to drying out walls is removing baseboards, molding, and insulation to allow better air circulation. We take away baseboards and molding with the utmost care and replace them when drying is complete.
Now the wall is prepared for the drying process. SERVPRO uses a range of air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers to dry out your kitchen. A refrigerant dehumidifier is a key piece of equipment. Damp air first crosses a cold evaporator coil which causes moisture in the air to condense and drip into a collection tray. Air then crosses a hot coil which exhausts warm air back into the room and thus lowers the humidity.
Our experts come equipped with both refrigerant and LGR dehumidifiers. LGR stands for low-grade refrigerant. They can reduce the humidity even further than standard refrigerant dehumidifiers for an even more efficient finish.
We also use desiccant dehumidifiers to dry out wall structures. Damp air is drawn in and then passed through silica gel which captures water from the air and blows out warmer, dryer air.
Our experts also make use of air movers and fans, which work alongside the dehumidifiers for faster drying.
If you are concerned about flood damage to your kitchen, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven at (770) 396-3883 today.

Repair and Reconstruction in Dunwoody

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Repair and Reconstruction in Dunwoody Roof repair after damage may be necessary to prevent water from getting into your house.

Recovery After Storm Damage Can Come With Improvements

Area homes suffer various levels of damage regardless if it comes from a fire or a severe storm and Georgia has seen a lot of both this last year. Roofs, in particular, are vulnerable since they bear the brunt of a thunderstorm or tornado. The heat from a structure fire quickly melts certain types of shingles and damages entire sections within minutes.

Reconstruction on a Dunwoody home can be expensive no matter which disaster has touched your life. Trained SERVPRO technicians handle simple jobs like replacing asphalt or wood shingles and more complicated tasks such as stripping and rolling out new rubberized roof sections. Our team members also remove storm damaged panels and repair or augment roof supports in the attic and ceilings.

Renovating and replacing does not mean we have to make it exactly as before the damage. It may seem strange, but this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade the siding, drains, and rain gutters on your home. If it adds to the value of the structure, many insurance companies will pay for at least part of the improvements. As long as your agent agrees to your changes and they do not compromise the integrity of the house, we can redesign windows and door framing. It is even possible to add new windows as we reframe the walls. The list also includes construction of disabled access points such as ADA approved wheelchair ramps.

Once we complete construction, our technicians paint your home with whatever color you tell us to use. We do recommend that you contact your Homeowner Association HOA (if you have one) to make certain you do not violate any rules and then have to repaint every surface again. Insurance companies do not cover those types of mistakes, and a full, outside paint can be very expensive depending on what you choose.

Repairing your home after a disaster is going to be a complicated and costly process. SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven works with you and your insurance company to return you to your home as quickly as we can. Our goal is a professional finish that everyone involved is satisfied with regarding both result and cost. Call us today at (770) 396-3883 to get started.

Prepare Your Dunwoody Home For Water Damage, Plan Ahead Today

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Prepare Your Dunwoody Home For Water Damage, Plan Ahead Today Every home is susceptible to some form of water damage.

Plan Ahead For Water Damage

There are quite a few people that make the mistake of waiting until something happens in their home before making a clear, concise decision about how to deal with water damage in their home. Damages after the fact may leave you with no other choice but to rebuild.

Take a few moments to contact the insurance company providing the water damage coverage on your Dunwoody home. Decide which coverage is best for you while attempting to cover any situation that may happen in your local area. It does not hurt to look ahead and plan for the worst possible situation; it may even be the better course of action. Who knows, you could even benefit from having a relationship with your local restoration company before needing their services. At the very least, having a plan in place with a company like SERVPRO gives you an opportunity to gain some improvements and advanced support during an emergency, or improve your chances of recovering from a disaster, each of which help you as a homeowner.

Every home is susceptible to some form of water damage. It could be weather related, local flooding, leaky pipes, broken appliances, improperly graded yards, poor drainage, damaged roof gutters and more. Why wait until these issues cause major damage before doing something about them? Keep in mind that the majority of the situations that SERVPRO technicians respond to concerning water damage in a home involve small maintenance issues turning into something severe. We deal with broken appliances flooding different portions of a home far more than we do natural disasters or storm issues.

Take advantage of preventive measures that fit your unique situation. Obviously, every homeowner should have their drainage systems and yard grading checked for severe issues. If you put it off, you are just asking for trouble. Have a company you trust check for problems and install additional drains, backflow valves, or sump pumps in areas where you need the help.

Your locally owned and operated SERVPRO can assist with these services and help you prepare your home for a variety of issues that plague your area. We live here too, so we understand what is necessary to take control and plan ahead. Contact SERVPRO of NW DeKalb / Dunwoody / Brookhaven for additional information on how we can help you prepare your home today (770) 396-3883.

How to Remediate Microbial Contamination Caused By Mold Damage in DeKalb Homes

3/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How to Remediate Microbial Contamination Caused By Mold Damage in DeKalb Homes Mold can be visible or hidden. Call SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO's Three Steps to Combating Mold Damage

If evidence of mold and microbial contamination is present in a home, it is time to call the experts. The existence of mold is a serious thing because it spreads quickly and degrades structural materials. The tricky thing about it is that the spores are very tough to beat.

The first option is a direct and physical removal of the affected items. Alternatively, they can be rendered neutral, so that the spores are unable to spread further. It is not possible to tackle mold spores with regular household cleaners, so it is important to consult a company like SERVPRO. We have lots of experience dealing with mold damage in DeKalb homes.

Keep reading to find out how we remediate mold and prevent it from spreading throughout family homes in this region.

Step One: Inspect the Area

Successful repairs are not possible until the source of the water gets identified and eliminated. Mold thrives in moist conditions, so there is always an underlying problem with excess water somewhere in the house.

If a pipe has burst, for example, it needs fixing and the affected area needs a thorough drying. Concealed leaks are the hardest to deal with because they present access problems. In some cases, a small section of plasterboard requires removal, so that the technicians can place dehumidifiers and fans inside wall cavities.

Step Two: Cleaning with Biocides

The most efficient way to handle moldy materials is to lift them up and out of the house. We can do this in some cases. Often, smaller non-porous items get removed for external cleaning. Or, the SERVPRO team sets up a containment chamber, where cleaning is carried out.

The aim, in both situations, is to take the mold away from unaffected areas, so that they do not become contaminated with microbes. Similarly, HEPA vacuums are a common tool, because they transfer the spores to a contained receptacle.

However, physical interventions are not always possible. When walls, floors, and ceilings become compromised, biocides are used to neutralize the mold spores. We only resort to strong chemicals if there is no other option for restoration, as they require all residents to vacate the building for a set period.

Step Three: Post Remediation Tests

SERVPRO does not leave the site until the technicians are confident that the spread of the mold is no longer a danger. Affected walls and other surfaces may need to be sealed and repainted to cover stains. Our team is happy to handle this part of the process too. The last step is to test the moisture levels in the home and ensure that the current conditions do not allow for further growth.

At SERVPRO of NW DeKalb/Dunwoody/Brookhaven, mold is a serious business. We have spent years tackling the problem for residential customers, and our methods are highly effective. We can help you rescue your property from the grip of mold damage. Call us 24/7 at (770) 396-3883.